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Available positions

Mechanical Engineer

Job Description:
  1. Design, develop, and test complex advanced manufacturing equipment such as air and fluid valves, mechanical enclosures, solar water pump controls, and various horsepower motors, using sophisticated CAD and/or SolidWorks mechanical engineering design software in accordance with customized order specification that enables customers to improve their manufacturing processes and overall products;

  2. Evaluate activation of advanced manufacturing equipment and inspect completed installations while observing operations to ensure conformance to design and equipment specifications and compliance with operational, safety, and environmental standards;

  3. Analyze and review customized projects with Electrical Engineering and Production to ensure product designs will function as required and be the most effective to build;

  4. Read, interpret, and create detailed mechanical engineering drawings, assembly drawings, and bill of materials while specifying system components to ensure conformance with mechanical engineering design and performance specifications;

  5. Conduct multifaceted research that tests the feasibility and performance of complex advanced manufacturing equipment designs while drafting sophisticated performance requirements for product development and mechanical engineering projects; and Estimate multiple direct and indirect costs for mechanical engineering projects and provide highly technical customer troubleshooting services for complex advanced manufacturing equipment.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Energy Engineering or similar field of study is required (A foreign educational equivalent is acceptable).  Also required is 12 months of experience as a Motor Engineer Apprentice or Engineer Technician whereby the 12 months of employment experience may consist of full-time or part-time experience and may be gained either before or after earning the bachelor’s degree and the employment experience may be within any engineering field.


Location of employment at 105 Warrener Drive, Rome City, Indiana 46784.

Please send resume to: Fruition Industries LLC,

Attn: Kim Cepeda, HR/Accounting Manager,

105 Warrener Drive, Rome City, Indiana 46784.

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